Overview is the application's entry point which contains the application object called app and app are both required.


from assembly import Assembly

APPS = {
  "default": [

app = Assembly.initialize(__name__, APPS)


app is the application object. It's a Flask object actually.


__name__ is a special variable that gets as value the string "main" when the file gets executed.


Assembly is a multi-application framework, where you can launch different application with the same code base.

To achieve this, Assembly requires a list off all the views to be used per app.

Upon deploying an app, you can select on by providing the name of it using the environment variable ASSEMBLY_APP.

Environment Variables

Having set properly you will be able to load different apps using the environment variables.


export ASSEMBLY_APP=$appname, where $appname is name from the APPS list.


export ASSEMBLY_ENV=$configClassName, where $configClassName is a class name from


To deploy your application, learn more about Deploy Options